Double size by 2025
Bel's plan for growth is underpinned by an ambitious and meaningful mission to share smiles through unique experiences of dairy goodness.

Bel’s products have attracted more than 400 million consummers. The Group generated € 2.9 billion in sales in 2015 and target to double size by 2025.
A growth strategy based on developing its core brands and deploying
the Group internationally.

A simple and sustainable business model

Bel’s business is focused on the production of branded cheeses. This strategic positioning is the cornerstone of the Group’s foundation, and it underlies the performance of Bel’s inspiring and bond-building brands, which for the most part have no equal in their markets.

Bel also possesses unique technological expertise in food manufacturing, with notable cheese-making know-how, particularly in processed cheese, and expertise in miniaturization. These competitive advantages have propelled the Group to the title of the world’s third-leading manufacturer of branded cheeses and the world leader in the portion segment.

Bel’s capital structure is also a strong strategic asset, enabling the Group to tightly manage its growth and ensure its sustainability.

Brands with strong growth potential

While Bel’s five core brands, The Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Mini Babybel®, Leerdammer®, and Boursin®, are all distinctly positioned, they share some common values, including a certain irreverence, a healthy and fun eating experience, and personalities that can be adapted to local eating habits. It’s no surprise that consumers in many countries consider The Laughing Cow® and Kiri® to be local brands.

These brands have significant growth potential in markets where they are already sold, as well as in new territories.

Bel relies on its fundamentals to drive the growth of its core brands:

A fine understanding of markets to extend product ranges.
A strong sense of marketing and distribution that has made Bel products appealing, visible and accessible.
Manufacturing expertise that ensures food safety and quality, and tight engineering know-how to feed the Group’s growth.

Market leadership strategy

Bel began following an international growth strategy early on. Today, its products are distributed in 130 countries on five continents.
Bel’s growth is underpinned primarily by efforts to strengthen and develop its market positions. As a result of its international expansion, the Group has established a presence in geographical regions with high organic growth potential. Bel adopts its growth strategies to each territory. The race for size is not the goal. The aim is to be a leader in the Group’s markets and segments.

New territories to explore

The Group’s growth is also derived from a willingness to expand into new geographical regions. Bel is already a leader in Africa, but the continent still offers numerous untouched markets worth exploring. The same goes for Asia and South America. In line with Bel’s mission to share smiles with families everywhere, the conquest of new territories brings new challenges for the Group, which understands that realistically its products cannot be accessible to all.

Question for Antoine Fiévet,

Bel Group CEO

What are Bel’s advantages over other food companies?
Bel has many strengths, all of which are recognized by our competitors. I would, of course, start with our brands, four of which are ranked among the world’s 20 leading cheese brands. Our manufacturing expertise is also a strength that makes our products unique. Our Group has undeniable expertise in the fields of packaging and marketing, and real responsibility in terms of quality and nutrition. The collective spirit and the enthousiasm of our 12,000 employees around the world are also a true driver of the company’s growth.

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