Accelerating growth by investing in healthy snacking market

The Group has engaged a radical transformation of its model, involving the transformation of its brands and an acceleration in its CSR roadmap.

Our Strategy

The Bel Group is a world leader in the branded cheese market and a major player in healthy dairy, fruit and plant-based snacking in individual portions. We aim to help build the food industry model of the future by offering healthier and more responsible food for all. To do this, we rely on 150 years of knowledge and our values: Dare, Care, Commit

Our growth strategy is based on 4 pillars

Building positive brands

Our brands embody Bel’s values and commitments, and are available in ever healthier and responsible product ranges.

Bel product individual portion format, popular for its playful nature and practicality, is a response to new consumption patterns and habits: more mobility and smaller portions. It also provides consumers with a marker of the right nutritional amount to consume daily, based on their need. Protected by their individual packaging, Bel portions can be marketed in all regions of the world.


Bel brands also intend to play a real social role by making a positive impact on their ecosystem beyond the nutritional benefits of their portions.


Supporting our communities:

  • With the “Laugh to Donate”

By designing media campaigns

  • “Join the forces of good” with Babybel

Accelerating positive innovation

Innovation is at the heart of all major developments of the Group’s brands and flagship products. A perfect knowledge of markets and consumers is key to offering healthy snacking products and culinary solutions adapted to their expectations, everywhere in the world and at all times.

Growing in the Group's key geographies

The Group has chosen to strengthen its positions in its priority territories, most notably in France and the United States, and to focus its actions on some of its new growth territories, most notably China, India, South Africa and Indonesia.

Being present in stores and across all distribution channels

With products distributed in more than 120 countries, consumers’ access around the world is a strategic challenge for the development of the Group’s brands. The evolution and growing diversity of consumption patterns, the emergence of new distribution channels and models, and consumer expectations in terms of purchasing experience are all new imperatives that encourage the Group to constantly evolve its distribution models and keep up with these new trends and to constantly develop the visibility and accessibility of its products to a growing number of consumers.

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