Accelerating growth by investing in healthy snacking market

Since 2015, Bel has rolled out a “Big Bel” strategic break plan which aims to accelerate its growth and transformation by 2025 by investing in the growing healthy snacking market.

The Group’s growth strategy is based on developing strong brands that respond to changes in expectations and different requirements of consumers in the healthy snacking market.

Deploying strong brands

Bel brands convey positive values, always in perfect harmony with consumers’ expectations in terms of food: products that blend healthy and fun eating experience. The single-serving portion format, signature of Bel, is an additional advantage. Fun and convenient, it preserves the product perfectly and meets such societal challenges as food safety, nutritional balance and even the fight against food waste.

Favored mainly by families all around the world, Bel brands are perfectly suited to the wide diversity of local tastes and eating habits as well as to the consumer’s new expectations in terms of naturalness and responsibility. This proximity with consumers, their ability to create complicity and formats particularly adapted to society’s issues make it possible to continue to envisage growth potential.

Innovating to drive growth

The spirit of innovation is anchored in Bel’s genes and at the heart of the development of its brands. Whether for healthy dairy or fruit snacking products, the Group’s teams are constantly innovating to invent new flavors, new formats or new uses in order to continue to maintain consumers’ preference. In 2017, the Group launched over 130 innovations around the world. But at Bel, innovation is also about making its products ever more responsible. With its “We care in every portion” program, the Group has begun to profoundly transform its brands to offer products that are ever more responsible by working on four essential aspects of its value chain: sustainable farming, caring nutrition, environmental footprint and people well-being.

Accompanying global demographic growth

Bel brands maintain strong growth potential in markets where they are already sold as well as in new territories yet to be developed. The brands’ single-serving portions format and the Group’s ability to grasp markets and rapidly establish a presence, particularly in areas with fast demographic growth, bodes well for continued strong geographical expansion potential.