Nurishh® is Bel's first ever 100% plant-based brand. Delicious and easy to cook, it is designed to bring together all food lovers.

Brand story

Launched in 2020, Nurishh is Bel’s very first 100% plant-based specialties offering. This offer meets the expectations of citizens looking for food diversity and in particular those wishing to reduce their consumption of animal products, while preserving the resources of our planet.

Developed in Saint-Nazaire, France, Nurishh is currently sold in 14 countries, mainly in Europe and North America.

Our products

Nurishh® offers a wide range of eleven 100% plant-based products: “Coeur Fleuri” and shreds, slices, and blocks, available in 3 delicious flavors (Classic, Cheddar and Mozzarella) in order to diversify uses and tastes.

With endless and easy to cook options, Nurishh products enhance everyday recipes with tasty creations!

Whatever your diet or dietary habits, Nurishh® will satisfy and nourish everyone around your table thanks to its vegetable alternatives, its large lineup and the versatility of its culinary uses.

All of our cheese alternatives are free of dairy, gluten, lactose and contains natural flavors and colors. Most of the products contain calcium and Vitamin B12.

Nurishh in the world

in France at Saint-Nazaire
countries to sell Nurishh products
Europe and North America
plant-based products


We choose the brand name “Nurishh” as it works with a variety of differ meanings:

  • To evoque the feeling of being able to “nourish” its family, with our healthy plan-based alternative products.
  • To speak to flexitarians who wish to nourish the soul by choosing a healthier, environment and sustainable plant-based offering.
  • The “hh” in the name Nurishh provides us with a unique, ownable and distinctive spelling which is easy to pronounce and recognizable in a variety of different markets.