At December 31, 2017, Fromageries Bel S.A. was 71.1%-owned by Unibel, a French corporation with a management board and supervisory board (Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance), and by the members of the founding Bel/Fiévet family group, bound by a shareholders' agreement (registered under AMF notice N° 213C1436 of September 26, 2013). As the lead holding company of the Bel Group, Unibel defines the long-term vision and sets the major strategic guidelines to steer the Group's growth, profitability and independence.


Fromageries Bel shares (ISIN code: FR0000121857, ticker: FBEL) are issued as registered or bearer shares, depending on shareholder choice. As authorized under article 9 of the company’s articles of incorporation, Fromageries Bel for the purpose of improving its knowledge of the composition of its shareholder base may identify holders of bearer shares pursuant to Article L 228-2 of France’s Commercial Code. These data are processed in compliance with the confidentiality rules under said Article L228-2. In compliance with France’s Law N°78-17 of January 6, 1978, as amended, shareholders have rights of access, rectification or opposition to information collected about them. They may exercise those rights by writing to Unibel’s Secretary General’s Office at headquarters.


The members of the Unibel Executive Board include:

Antoine Fiévet, Chairman of the Executive Board
Bruno Schoch, member
Florian Sauvin, member, General Manager

The members of the Unibel Supervisory Board include:

Gérard Boivin, Chairman
Valentine Fiévet, Vice-Chairman
Laurent Fiévet, member
Marion Sauvin, member
Thomas Sauvin, member
Pascal Viénot, member
Hervé Renard, censor
Luc Luyten, censor