Contributing to healthier food

At Bel, we’ve made healthier and responsible food for all the heart of our corporate mission. Offering portioned products, our speciality, fully contributes to this mission: it is what allows us to offer our consumers the right dose, both from a quantitative and nutritional point of view.

With products consumed by 400 million people worldwide, Bel has a major role to play in providing safe, nutritious and balanced food to as many people as possible.
Our commitments: to improve the nutritional quality of our products, to consistently strive for greater naturalness, and to encourage good eating habits.

Constantly improve the nutritional quality of our products

To do this, we work closely with a committee of highly qualified experts (general practitioners, sociologists, public health researchers, etc.) to offer and guarantee increasingly healthy and safe products to our consumers.

We enrich our products with nutrients to adapt their nutritional profile to local needs. These needs vary depending on the country where our products are consumed.

In Algeria, Egypt and Morocco, we launched The Laughing Cow 4 Essentials, with a recipe fortified with iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin A or D according to local deficiencies.



In early 2021, in the US and the UK, we launched Babybel Plus: “functional” product ranges enriched with probiotics or vitamins.

We optimize the amount of protein, salt and fat in our recipes, while preserving the taste, quality and safety of our products.

This is in line with our desire to respond to the health challenges of the countries in which we operate. For example, contributing to the fight against obesity and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease is a priority in Western countries.


In France, since 1977, we’ve reduced the fat content of The Laughing Cow’s recipe by a quarter while doubling the amount of calcium.

Strive for ever greater naturalness

Improving also means simplifying. Thanks to the work initiated by our R&D teams over 10 years ago, we are reducing the list of ingredients in our recipes, whenever possible.

Our objective: to offer simple and more natural foods without compromising on taste, of course, but also on food safety and quality standards.

Kiri only contains dairy ingredients, salt, lactic ferments and milk mineral concentrates.

A new The Laughing Cow recipe with just 4 ingredients (carefully selected cheeses, butter, good milk, and milk minerals to provide calcium) has been launched in several European countries.

We’ve already eliminated all artificial flavours and colours from all Apericube recipes sold worldwide.

Promote better eating habits

At Bel, we are committed to promoting good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle for children and families through our communication and the programs we support.

  • For our communities, through the Educanut project, Bel is co-constructing several education programs designed to help children better understand the importance of nutrition and physical activity for their health.We establish long-term partnerships with NGOs and government authorities to promote healthy eating practices and support food education programs. Our goal is to implement nutrition education programs in 10 countries where Bel is present by 2025.

In 2020, 6 countries have already implemented the Educanut program for their consumers: for example, in Egypt, our local Bel team has developed a program with the FAO to raise awareness about good eating habits.


  • For our consumers, through inter-company partnerships.


We joined the Food Transition Pact and its Act for Food program, initiated by Carrefour and several other food industry players. We took part in the “Together for tomorrow” operation with recipes developed with The Laughing Cow.

  • For our teams, with Healthy Smiles: a program which encourages our employees, to adopt a balanced diet and practice physical activity.

In 2021, 31 subsidiaries have implemented the Healthy Smiles program for their employees, an initiative that has been praised by the Consumer Goods Forum.


To go further...

Our commitments for 2025 :

  •  80% of products for children and families will comply with the Bel Nutri+ criteria, our internal nutritional profiling system based on WHO guidelines (72% of products do today)
  • 100% of subsidiaries will have implemented the Healthy Smiles program