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Everything you always wanted to know about internships, apprenticeships and V.I.E international internships at Bel.

ciations_carrieres Why do an internship or work-study programs at Bel?

Present in more than 120 countries with 30 differentiated brands — all market leaders like The Laughing Cow®, Boursin®, Leerdammer®, Kiri®, and Mini Babybel® — the Bel Group offers a multitude of exciting projects. Bel is first and foremost an invigorating playing field.

ciations_carrieres What kinds of internships or apprenticeships are offered?

With 50% of junior posts filled by former interns, the Group recruits from its intern talent pool as a matter of priority. Bel encourages interns to take on responsibilities for major projects during their internships as a means to identify their potential.

The internships last a minimum of six months and may be extended for a full year. They are offered at Bel’s head offices in Paris or Vincennes, as well as in R&D centers, the Group’s production sites and in some subsidiaries.

We recruit students primarily in the following fields: Marketing (internships), Sales (internships), Purchasing (internships), R&D (internships and apprenticeships), Finance (internships and apprenticeships)Controlling (internships and apprenticeships), Human resources (internships and apprenticeships), Supply Chain (internships), Communication (internships), Legal (internships), Information System (apprenticeship), Engineering (internships), Industrial Performance (internships).

ciations_carrieres How are interns and apprentices supervised?

At Bel, it starts with a welcome breakfast organized by the human resources team. The breakfast is an opportunity for establishing ties with other interns, reviewing practical information about your internship or apprenticeship and answering any questions you may still have. At the beginning of the internship, you will be fully trained in the use of our systems and processes, and integrated into your team.

You will be accompanied by a supervisor throughout your internship. Over the course of your internship, there will be a mid-term assessment and a final review with your supervisor and the HR teams. This review is aimed notably at exploring opportunities for you within the Group.

ciations_carrieres What kind of candidate profiles are you looking for?

We primarily recruit interns and apprentices with a high-school diploma and four or five years of education (as of two years for engineering fields) at business schools, engineering schools and universities in the areas of sales and marketing, supply chain services, human resources, controlling, R&D and engineering. Bel also recruits apprentices with a high-school diploma and two or three years of training for its manufacturing sites, R&D centers, accounting and IT department, etc.

But more than a diploma or a curriculum, we look for personalities in tune with our enterprising spirit. Enthusiasm, openness, audacity, entrepreneurial drive, team spirit, and creativity are what we expect from you. Of course, you should also be drawn to the consumer goods sector. For an international Group like Bel, a desire to discover new horizons and an ability to speak several languages is a real advantage.

ciations_carrieres And the V.I.E. international internships?

As an international company, we offer V.I.E. international internships in marketing, business development and supply chain in Mexico, the US and Europe. In addition to the V.I.E program, the Group offers internships based in Paris that are international in scope, such as industrial controlling for the Middle East, product management for Asia, etc.

ciations_carrieres How are your interns and apprentices recruited?

Internship recruiting is a two-step process: First, a candidate is selected based on her résumé. Then, the candidate is interviewed twice, including once by a human resources manager and once by the intern’s future supervisor. For marketing internships, the recruiting process may be a collective effort. Accompanied by Bel product managers, you learn about the Group and the types of positions offered. You are then asked to participate in a case study with a team. The session ends with a personal interview with the intern’s future supervisor.

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