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How do internships and apprenticeships work at Bel?

Why choose Bel?

With products marketed in more than 120 countries under 30 differentiated brands — all market leaders like The Laughing Cow®, Boursin®, Kiri®, and Mini Babybel® — the Bel Group offers a multitude of exciting projects. Bel is first and foremost an invigorating playing field. It’s also a company that encourages all its employees to take the initiative, interns included.

What kinds of missions do you offer?

Bel encourages interns to take on responsibilities for major projects during their internships as a means to identify their potential.

The internships last a minimum of six months and may start anytime during the year. They are offered at Bel’s head offices in Suresnes, the Group’s production and R&D sites, and some foreign subsidiaries.

We primarily recruit interns in the fields of marketing, sales, communication, legal affairs, engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing performance, and we offer apprenticeships and internships in the fields of purchasing, R&D, finance, controlling, human resources, and information systems.

How are interns and apprentices supervised?

At Bel, your manager will support you throughout your mission. You will be fully involved in the company’s activity and will contribute to its growth through motivating missions and projects.

Over the course of your internship, there will be a mid-term assessment and a final review with your supervisor and the HR teams, notably to examine opportunities open to you within the Group.

What kind of candidate profiles are you looking for?

We primarily recruit interns and apprentices with a university level degree (two-year college degree for engineering fields) from business schools, engineering schools and universities in the areas of sales and marketing, supply chain services, human resources, controlling, R&D and engineering.
Bel also recruits apprentices with two or three years of college for its manufacturing sites, R&D centers, IT, accounting, etc.

But more than a diploma or a curriculum, we look for personalities in tune with our enterprising mindset, people who are enthusiastic, curious, daring and creative, who want to build a business and share a team spirit. Of course, you should also be interested in the consumer goods sector and harbor a desire to discover new international horizons.

Happy Trainees

Bel has been awarded the Happy Trainees 2024 label (category 100 – 199 trainees/interns per year) for the 8th year running!