Our social model at a glance

Bel is a company on a human scale with 11,800 employees in 29 production sites and more than 57 subsidiaries around the world. Together, they are building tomorrow's agri-food model, guided by the Group's mission: "to offer healthier and more responsible food for all.

Our values

Audacity, Benevolence and Commitment are the Group’s three values. They unite our teams around our corporate vision and our ways of working, company culture, ambitions, and objectives.

NURTURE, feed to grow

In 2021, the Group unveiled its new social model: “Nurture”. It aims to support the company’s transformation over the next ten years and illustrates the unique experience Bel wants its employees to have.

This model is based on six dimensions :

  • The personal development of each employee,
  • A sense of belonging,
  • Training and development of individuals,
  • Recognition,
  • Safety and well-being at work,
  • Protection of our employees and their families

Committed employees today, activists tomorrow

Commitment is at the heart of Bel’s human resources policy, which encourages responsibility, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, and the development of skills.

Bel encourages and supports the commitment of its employees.

  • Skills sponsorship : Since 2020, Bel has offered its employees in France the opportunity to take part, on their personal or professional time, in solidarity missions and challenges. More than 300 hours of work have been dedicated to these civic missions. This program will be extended to all employees worldwide in 2022. At the end of 2020, the Group joined the Alliance pour le Mécénat de Compétences, which promotes skills sponsorship within companies, in France and internationally, to co-construct and develop this practice.
  • Rounding of salaries : Since 2016, Bel has participated in the rounding of salaries, a scheme that allows employees in France who wish to do so to donate cents from their salary to charities. This donation is matched by the Bel Group. As a result, nearly 35,000€ has been collected for the benefit of these charities, chosen by employees.
  • Donation of days : In 2020, Bel gave its employees in France the opportunity to donate their days off and matched each of these donations, leading to a donation of more than €100,000 to healthcare institutions located near the plants and headquarters, to support medical personnel and the acquisition of equipment.
  • Supporting the personal commitment of our employees through the Bel Foundation : Each year, the Bel Foundation provides financial support to approximately fifteen charities around the world that work to promote the well-being of children and which our employees actively suport. To learn more about this program, visit the Bel Foundation’s website
  • Awareness of climate issues : Bel wants to make its employees real actors of change. In 2021, the Group offered its French employees the opportunity to participate in collaborative workshops called “La Fresque du Climat” to (the Climate Fresk) to better understand the challenges of climate change and to inspire them to act ! The program has already raised awareness amongst 200 employees and will be extended internationally in 2021, where volunteer employees will train their colleagues.