Our activities

A resilient business

In a complex economic, political and financial environment, Bel Group is reaffirming its strategic development choices, which are buoyed by:  

– the excellent momentum of its core brands, particularly Babybel and Boursin (with sales growth in four out of six core brands compared to 2019)  

– continued growth on the fruit business   

– new market share in North America  

– ongoing positive developments in China  

– initial promising results from Nurishh and the plant-based version of Boursin  

– the rise of e-commerce and out-of-home catering, particularly in the North American and Chinese markets. 

Milk, a secure and sustainable industry

At the end of 2022, the Association de Producteurs de Lait Bel Ouest (APBO) and Bel Group renewed their partnership for the sixth consecutive year, agreeing to increase the price of milk and adopt more sustainable agricultural practices. With this agreement, APBO and Bel are pursuing their goal of transitioning to low-carbon milk, with the 2023 MonBBlait price set at €471/1000L for the entire year. The move will support the economic viability of some 700 dairy farms and encourage the pursuit of more sustainable practices, including carbon footprint reductions, pilot farms on innovative projects, pastures, and GMO-free feed. 

The switch to plant-based foods

Bel has chosen to expand beyond cheese products, as illustrated by its acquisition of the start-up All in Foods in 2020 (which develops a wide range of plant-based alternatives) and the launch of several products. 2021 and 2022 saw excellent results from Boursin Dairy Free in the United States and Canada, along with the launch of Babybel plant-based in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Recently, Nurishh has been also launched in the US and Northern and Southern Europe, with 13 products commercialized in 2021 in three key segments (slices, shreds and spreads), as well as the successful introduction of The Laughing Cow Blends in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia – a hybrid version of The Laughing Cow, it combines the best of dairy and pulses.  


Diversifying into fruit

In 2022, the Bel Group finalized the purchase of the remaining shares in the MOM Group.  

With popular brands such as Pom’Potes © and GoGoSqueeZ ©, the company will strengthen its product portfolio in these three complementary segments and enable the Bel Group to further develop a positive and profitable agro-industrial model through sustainable and responsible growth. 

The rise of e-commerce and out-of-home catering

Bel Foodservice is the Foodservice Out of Home division of Fromageries Bel one of the world leader of branded cheeses. 

With Bel Foodservice, the Bel Group is committed to providing products that meet the specific nutritional needs of the most sensitive populations involved in collective catering. 

Bel Foodservice offers a wide range of portions for social catering (processed cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese), a line of ingredient cheeses for ready-cooked dishes and use by food processors, and a line specifically aimed at commercial catering (travel, restaurants, sandwich makers…). 

Today Belfoodservice has a dedicated team in 8 countries and is now present across the entire European market: France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

Discover more on: Bel Foodservice 

Bel Industries, specialist in functional dairy solutions since 1955

As a specialist in functional dairy ingredients, Bel Industries adds value to its international customers and to its proteins by developing innovative dairy solutions for numerous food applications.  

 Since 1955, Bel Industries has been a pioneer and leader in functional dairy solutions, having created unequalled know-how in the valorization of dairy proteins from the Bel Group’s cheese activities. 


A strong and continuously developed dairy expertise in the separation, fractionation, selection and blending of dairy proteins in order to enhance their natural properties, increase their performance and add value to the products offered to our customers.