Bel and Disneyland® Paris begin a 10-year partnership to offer unprecedented experiences & food options to guests!

Bel, major actor in the healthy snack market and leading European tourist destination Disneyland Paris announced a new Strategic Alliance today.

Disneyland Paris and Bel will come together to celebrate their shared values – laughter, kindness, and goodness among family and friends. Through this long-term alliance, Disneyland Paris will leverage the strength of Bel’s products and branding to provide guests with new and original dining options as well as enhanced themed snacking experiences.

The partnership will be reflected in new on-site brand activations, where the unique identity of Bel brands such as Mini Babybel® and The Laughing Cow® will be woven into the park’s storytelling for an immersive and engaging experience.

Guests exiting the brand-new Disneyland Paris Cars ROAD TRIP can enjoy the Laugh ‘n Go food truck, offering a fun-filled ‘pit-stop’ for snacks created by the Disneyland Paris chefs with The Laughing Cow cheese.

As for Mini Babybel, the unmistakable, bite-sized cheese designed to encourage the whole family to join the fun of healthy snacking will have a unique role in celebrating the Marvel franchise in dedicated high-traffic locations throughout the resort.  During the summer, Mini Babybel will arrive in our Super Hero Station and Studio Theater.

Across the Disneyland Paris resort, guests will savor Bel cheeses in a variety of forms, including recipes specially prepared by Disneyland Paris’ chefs like crunchy croque-monsieurs, surprisingly scrumptious soups and even high-end delicacies.

A third experiential brand integration showcasing the beloved Kiri brand and the superpower of kindness will be unveiled in the coming months.


A strategic and multi-dimensional partnership

The fun also continues outside the resort, as the partnership enables Bel and Disneyland Paris to orchestrate joint marketing and communication campaigns throughout Europe, which will complement the existing licensing relationship between Bel and The Walt Disney Company.

These major marketing and communication campaigns will showcase the strength and coherence of this brand association and contribute to promoting healthy snacking throughout Europe.

Of the new partnership, Laure Albouy, Vice President Business Strategy & Integration for Disneyland Paris says: ”Disneyland Paris and Bel are both committed to creating happiness and offering friends and families the opportunity to share unforgettable moments together. Together, with Bel, we look forward to creating un-Bel-ievable stories, both at Disneyland Paris and throughout Europe with this alliance agreement.”

Bel’s purpose is to promote healthier, responsible and accessible food for all. The partnership with Disneyland Paris will enable our brands’ identities and ambitions to shine – with Disney magic – to our consumers all over Europe” confirmed Cécile Béliot, Group Executive Vice President at Bel.