Regenerative agriculture at Bel Group

At Bel, we want to be a catalyst of the food transition and of the transformation of agricultural practices.

In a context of growing demand from an ever-increasing population, the way our ingredients are produced must have a positive impact on both nature and people and contribute to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

We strongly believe regenerative agriculture will enable to create this positive impact we are all looking for!

Regenerative agriculture as a solution

Regenerative agriculture is a set of farming and grazing practices that have several advantages:

Our ecosystemic approach

As a player in the food ecosystem, it is our responsibility to support and guide our partners who produce milk or apples in the transformation of their practices and the adoption of regenerative methods.

This is why we have been working for several years on the transition of agricultural models, in particular through our charter for sustainable dairy farming, co-signed with the WWF France, or our supply of apples from eco-responsible orchards.

We have helped develop and implement sustainable agricultural practices. Today, we want to go further:

Bel launches the Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture

In an ecosystem, each part is essential. This is why we have decided to launch the Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture.