The Bel Group's mission is to champion healthier and more sustainable food for all. The Group initiated the first Days for Good edition in 2022 to take its mission to the next level and provide all employees with the keys to becoming a driving force its corporate social responsibility strategy.

Supporting every employee’s commitment

Commitment and outreach are an integral part of the Bel Group’s values, and they form the very backbone of the company’s mission.

The “Days for Good” event is organized by the Bel Corporate Foundation as part of the Actors for Good program and gives employees everywhere the opportunity to contribute to the Group’s mission.


In 2023 and for the second year, Bel employees had chance to dedicate a few hours or days out of their working time to collectively take part in outreach missions within local associations or NGOs acting on three causes shared by the Group:

  • Access to food: create ponds to supply school gardens in Senegal, collect unsold goods for a community grocery store in France, etc ;
  • Help the most vulnerable children: rebuilt a school for children with disabilities in Morocco, sort and collect games for underprivileged children in France ;
  • Environmental protection: collect waste in a forest in Slovakia, plant trees in Vietnam, and so on.

The aim is to allow employees to take action, and have an impact on people and the planet!

“I’m really proud that Bel organizes community outreach days like this one for employees. It gives me a great sense of pride to take part and dedicate some of my time to an association and my community.” Corinne Wilson, Discount Channel Director

A look back at the 2023 edition

In 2022, over 1,300 employees from 15 different countries took part in the first Days for Good event to the benefit of 25 associations.

In 2023, the event achieved record-breaking participation levels among the workforce with over 2,000 volunteers from 22 countries and 37 different sites, including France with 330 employees from head office and 300 across the plants.

Among the associations supported this year, some will receive a donation from the Bel Foundation in line with its 15-year anniversary!