Unique brands

With its single-serving portions format and iconic brands, Bel offers products that meet a strong consumption trend combining health, pleasure and practicality.

150 years of expertise

For 150 years, Bel has invented and made unique cheeses from tasty recipes. The unique knowhow and high standards in terms of quality and food safety can be found in each of the 29 Group factories, which produce Bel brands.


Collected milk is pasteurized and transformed into cheese in our factories. Our Babybel® cheeses are then packaged in their unique wax shell.

The Laughing Cow® – Apericube®

The Laughing Cow® or Apéricube® is manufactured using pre-transformed dairy raw materials such as milk powder, butter, cream or cheese (cheddar, emmental, etc.). Thanks to the heat treatment process, the cheese can be kept at room temperature.

Boursin® - Kiri®

Boursin® and Kiri® are made from milk and cream. The taste and freshness of flavored varieties such as Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs® will awaken the senses of older generations, while the gentle flavor and smooth texture of cooked and creamy Kiri®, will delight youngsters appreciative of good food.

Meet your calcium needs with a smile!

The cheeses contain various elements conducive to good bone mineral density: protein, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, among others; but they are also an excellent source of calcium. On average, Bel cheeses contain 120mg to 900mg of calcium per 100 grams of product.