Uncap their next adventure!

Since 2008, GoGo squeeZ® has been making quality goodness for happier and healthier families. We’ve worked hard to spread our goodness across the country so families can enjoy GoGo squeeZ® on any adventure.


In 1881, the applesauce and puree factory in Boué (North of France) was created. 40 years later, Edmond Materne bought the applesauce factory and expanded the business, bringing the creation of Pom’Potes in France 1998, the first ever fruit in a pouch. It is a great success! Based on this experience, fruit in a pouch was introduced in the Unites States under the name GoGo squeeZ® in 2008 and in Canada a year later.



Top quality, fresh ingredients with no artificial anything. Inside every GoGo squeeZ® pouch is a real blend of 100 percent, yummy, non-questionable good stuff. All our fruit and vegetable pouches are nutritious, delicious, and made with nothing but real fruit and veggies.

At GoGo squeeZ, we believe when snacking is combined with care for the body and mind, it can become a powerful tool in helping create opportunities for a better future. We try to take a holistic approach to sustainability that includes nurturing the health of our bodies, our minds, our planet, and our communities. We foster business practices that are reflective of local cultures, in balance with nature’s ecosystem and that can be maintained for generations.

Caps made with 40% less plastic

At GoGo squeeZ, we are constantly challenging ourselves to do better. In 2021 we started our journey to transition our caps to be made with 40% less plastic*. You can find these today on some of our GoGo squeeZ® and GoGo squeeZ® fruit & veggieZ pouches. With less plastic*, our caps are lighter, more flexible, and come with an open and close feature.

This change is part of our mission to become more responsible to the planet and reduce our plastic footprint.

*Lighter GoGo squeeZ cap 1.9g; current GoGo squeeZ cap 3.17g of plastic