To mark our brand's 100th anniversary, discover the stories of those who make The Laughing Cow® successful around the world.

Through a 4-episode mini-series meet Carole, Jonathan and Amy, our employees in France and the United States, as well as Hammou, a Moroccan grocer, and Thi Phê, a street vendor. They are all partners of the Group, and carry the values and attributes of The Laughing Cow every day: solidarity, the link between generations, and above all the benefits of laughter!

Episode 1 : From generation to generation

Carole and Jonathan work at the historical factory of The Laughing Cow® in Lons-le-Saunier in the Jura. For them, The Laughing Cow® is above all a story about family and transmission.

Episode 2 : Inaya Program

Hammou runs a grocery store in Casablanca, Morocco, where he sells The Laughing Cow® products. Like 1000 Moroccan retailers, he benefits from comprehensive health insurance for himself and his family, thanks to the Inaya[1] program (benevolence in Arabic), launched two years ago by Bel.

Episode 3 : Growing up together

Amy joined the factory in Leitchfield, USA at the age of 21. After working her way up the ladder, she is now a production coordinator. For Amy, The Laughing Cow is a big family, supportive and always ready to support her community.

Episode 4 : Sharing Cities program

Thi Phê is a street vendor in Vietnam. Thanks to the Sharing Cities[1] program, she has been able to develop her activity and empower herself.

[1] The Sharing Cities and Inaya programs are innovative and inclusive distribution models that aim to complement traditional marketing channels by relying on existing networks of street vendors, while improving the quality of life of the partners: support for the development of their business and their turnover, access to health coverage or professional training.