“For All. For Good” – Bel unveils a new corporate identity that embodies the Group’s commitments to championing healthier and responsible food for all.

Engaged in an in-depth transformation of its business model and brands, Bel, a major player in the healthy snack market, today unveiled its new corporate identity. At a time when sustainable food has become a core challenge for society, the company’s new signature, “For All. For Good”, encapsulates Bel’s commitment to healthier and responsible food for all. The new identity will progressively be displayed by all Bel brands beginning in January 2020.

Bel’s new identity, with a new logo and signature, expresses the company’s determination to make its mission of “championing healthier and responsible food for all” the driver of its responsible and profitable business model. As a family business more than 100 years old, and the marketer of iconic brands The Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Mini Babybel®, Leerdammer®, Boursin® and GoGo squeeZ® in over 130 countries around the world, Bel seeks to be a positive force along the food transition journey.

Antoine Fievet, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of the Bel Group, said, “Five generations into its history, our company has reached a milestone. We are today confronted with the challenge of feeding a growing world population, while preserving our planet’s resources. The food business model that we all know is obsolete. It’s time to open the road to healthier and responsible food for all, and we food manufacturers must provide real answers. Through our new corporate signature, “For All. For Good”, we state our belief that sustainable and inclusive food is possible by developing a positive business model with all food players, including producers, retailers, experts, and consumers.”

“For All. For Good” expresses Bel’s strong commitments and capacity for action to offer brands that are innovative, positive and meaningful. This drive to continually improve is demonstrated through Bel’s ambitious commitments to nutrition, sustainable farming, responsible packaging, reducing its environmental footprint, and making its products more accessible. Bel brands are being transformed by a determination to strengthen their positive impact, from farm to plate.

Identity encapsulates Bel’s business plan

The new identity embodies Bel’s new positioning in the healthy dairy and plant-based snack market. By integrating the corporate signature, the new logo expresses the strength of the commitments made by the Group to develop a responsible and profitable business model. The child-like graphic design selected for the “For All. For Good” signature evokes transmission and responsibility to future generations — values that have guided the company’s growth throughout its long family history.

Bel decided to launch its new identity on October 16, to mark World Food Day, hand in hand with all its subsidiaries and plants worldwide, to rally its 12,600 employees around local citizen actions to encourage more inclusive food. The new company identity was developed by Providence agency.

About Bel

The Bel Group is a world leader in branded cheese and a major player in the healthy snack market. Its portfolio of differentiated and internationally recognized brands include such products as The Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Mini Babybel®, Leerdammer®, Boursin®, Pom’Potes®, and GoGo squeeZ®, as well as some 20 local brands. Together, these brands helped the Group generate sales of €3.3 billion in 2018.

Some 12,600 employees in some 30 subsidiaries around the world contribute to the deployment of the Group’s mission to champion healthier and responsible food all. Bel products are prepared at 32 production sites and distributed in nearly 130 countries.