Clarification – Bel’s shareholding structure and brands

Bel has observed that some of its brands have incorrectly been associated with the brand portfolio of Lactalis.

The Group would like to remind that Bel is an independent, family-run company whose share capital is 71.1%-owned by the founding Fiévet-Bel family, primarily via the Unibel holding company.

Although Lactalis holds 24.1% of Fromageries Bel’s share capital through its Sofil holding company, Lactalis has no operating role whatsoever in Fromageries Bel and is not represented on its governing bodies.

There are no Lactalis representatives on Fromageries Bel’s Board of Directors, or Unibel’s Supervisory Board or Management Board.

Accordingly, Bel brands should not in any way be associated with Lactalis’ brand portfolio.