Junior Zone Management Controller

Challenges and contribution

In short


  • Provide Management with reliable financial information to guide the strategy in the best way

Job strenghts

  • Performance of accounts and management tools
  • A macro and micro view of the business
  • International challenges

Ideal Profile

  • Business school
  • Financial experience
  • Analytical, rigorous and business-focused
  • Interpersonal skills and teamwork


  • Specialist areas
  • Corporate finance
  • Management controller in subsidiary

Need more information?


Above all guaranteeing the reliability of the financial information needed to guide strategy, the junior regional management controller also:

  • Monitors results against fixed objectives.
  • Provides support for subsidiaries: technical, training in tools and supervision of reporting
  • Provides reports to regional management
  • Draws up the budget and ensures it is monitored

Bel Strengths

  • High-performing and modern account and management tools
  • 360° view of the business thanks to the diversity and richness of the scope managed (brands, products, countries, currencies, etc.
  • Bel’s international scale: more than 70% of turnover made outside France, teams in 34 countries

Ideal profile

  • Business school (4/5 years higher education) or equivalent
  • Initial experience (long internship) in Finance
  • Analytic mind and a business focus
  • Rigorous and organized
  • Good interpersonal relations and desire to work in a team

And afterwards ?

  • Specialist areas or Corporate Finance: consolidation, accounts, treasury or financial analysis
  • Management Controller in a subsidiary, in commercial or manufacturing entities
  • In the medium term, responsibility for a team as Chief Accountant or Head Management Controller in a subsidiary