Babybel®, Discover A Different Way to Snack

Distributed in more than 50 countries around the globe, fans everywhere love the unique flavor of Babybel®. Made with 98% milk, this 100% real cheese is perfect at home or on-the-go when hunger strikes. Through the power of Babybel® cheese, a more delicious and satisfying world is just a peel away. Join the Fun. Join the Goodness.


Babybel® has a rich history. It launched in France in 1952, breaking cheese consumption habits and changing the category convention with its playful red wax. In 1977 Babybel® was born, featuring the great taste of Babybel, but in a miniaturized version consumers still love today. International love of the brand grew when Babybel® crossed the Atlantic to reach US shores, followed by its entry into new markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.  So began the delicious story of Babybel®.

A unique and tasty taste, in a portion you can take anywhere  

This small portioned cheese is a source of protein and calcium: it meets the needs of children for their growth and is also a great ally for adults since it also contributes to maintaining healthy bones and helps with satiety. 

Babybel® today

Today, Babybel® has a family of products, allowing consumers to discover a different dairy goodness for every day of the week.  Try the classic Babybel® cheeses, wrapped in a playful red wax coating. Or discover Cheese & Co, the same Babybel® cheese you love paired with crunchy crackers. Or try Babybel Mini Rolls, a  twisty, tasty take on the Babybel® cheese you love.

In 2022, the Bel Group launched the plant-based version of Babybel in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom! This new range is achieving excellent sales performance, which confirms the strong potential of these alternatives.

A mission for the goodness

A partnership with the West Production Association (APBO)

To ensure the freshness of the products and to support the French dairy industry, the production of Babybel is 100% local. The milk used is collected from nearly 700 partner farms located in western France (APBO).

The milk is collected every two days from the 1300 farmers who are members of the APBO, before being transported (on the day of collection) to the Group’s factories. The nearest farm to the Evron plant is only 3kms away!

In 2022, the APBO and the Bel Group extended their partnership for the 6th consecutive year by agreeing on a higher milk price and more sustainable farming practices.

APBO and Bel are thus pursuing their ambition to transition to low-carbon milk, supported by a MonBBlait1 2023 price of €471/1000L agreed for the whole year 2023.

Aware of the environmental challenges we face, the Bel Group gives farmers the opportunity to invest and implement more sustainable and responsible practices. In other words: For All, For Good.

Animal welfare

100% of APBO’s farmers have signed the charter of good farming practices. Concerned about animal welfare, we want the cows whose milk is used to make Babybels to be at pastures at least 150 days a year and that they can benefit from comfortable and adapted stables at night.

Since July 2018, all cows are fed GMO-free and stay healthy with a balanced ration of grass, corn silage and concentrates.

Responsible production

In a constant process of improvement, we have implemented many actions to make our packaging more responsible.

Fun Facts

  • Babybel® has five flagship products in its portfolio: Babybel, Mini Roulés, Cheese & Co and Babybel 200g plant-based (marketed in the US, UK and Canada).
  • You can now give a second life to Mini Babybel® packaging with the Terracycle program