Nurishh® is Bel's first 100% plant-based range. Delicious and easy to cook, this brand was designed to bring together everyone who loves good food.


Launched in 2020, Nurishh is the very first 100% plant-based product from the Bel Group. This offer meets the expectations of consumers seeking food diversity and in particular those wishing to reduce their consumption of animal products, while preserving the resources of our planet.

Developed in France at Saint-Nazaire, Nurishh is now marketed in 14 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North America.


Our products

Nurishh® offers a wide range of 100% plant-based products, including a plant-based cheese called Coeur Fleuri,grated, sliced, spreadable, blocks or cubes of Feta, available in delicious flavors to diversify uses and tastes.

Easy to cook specialties that will enhance your everyday recipes!

Whatever are your diet or eating habits, Nurishh® is a great way to make sure everyone can enjoy a delicious meal thanks to its plant-based alternatives, its wide range of products and the versatility of its culinary uses.

Nurishh products are made from coconut or sunflower seed oil. They are guaranteed milk and lactose free, and 100% vegan! They do not contain soy, palm oil or gluten; and the flavorings and colorings are natural. In addition, Nurishh® products are fortified with calcium and vitamin B12!

In 2022, the Bel Group innovates by launching, in partnership with the American start-up Perfect Day, the “Nurishh Incredible Dairy: Animal-Free, Cream Cheese Spread Alternatives” marketed in the United States. A new decisive step in the service of the food of the future by offering alternatives to fresh cheese spreads under the Nurishh brand!

This launch enables us to offer consumers plant-based alternatives that preserve the taste and creaminess of dairy cheeses and have a reduced environmental footprint: compared to traditional production methods, the life cycle assessment of Perfect Day protein shows a 97% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Nurishh around the world


Nurishh® is also an intriguing name. Starting from the English verb “to nourish” which consists in sustenance of body and soul, we wanted to twist its spelling to keep its deep and generous essence, by modernizing it with a final double “h” which makes it unique and easily identifiable.

Nurishh is a brand that brings everyone together around the table, full of generosity and simplicity: the brand advocates values of inclusiveness and generosity.