Boursin® inspires, you create

Leading brand, Boursin® seduces cooking enthusiasts with its generous texture and unique fresh taste that brings out the full flavor of its ingredients.


When French consumers discovered Boursin® in 1963, it was love at first sight. Combining garlic, cream, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs, the cheese expanded on a Normandy tradition. At the same time, Boursin® distinguished itself by a sensational yet smooth taste and revolutionary packaging, which opened like a flower to reveal the famous cheese. Supported by innovative and irreverent advertising campaigns, the brand created in a little Normandy town by François Boursin took wing.

Boursin® today

Boursin® joined the Bel family of cheese brands in 2007. Today, along with its essential place on the cheese platter, Boursin® is a friend to chefs and gourmets everywhere.

Branching out from its original recipe, the brand dares to surprise with more daring recipes such as Boursin® Velvety and Boursin® Dairy Free. The brand has developed creative formats such as Boursin Cuisine® and has established itself in the aperitif section with Boursin® Rolls, Boursin® Inspiration and more recently Boursin® Les Tartinables Créatifs, a fresh deli range. The brand is also growing into new uses through meal solutions with Boursin® Salad & Appetizer.

Always up to date, the fresh and intense taste of this typically French cheese has conquered taste buds well beyond the borders of France. The brand is very much a favorite in the US, Canada and Japan.

In the United States, Bel is capitalizing on the creativity of the Boursin brand, notably through Boursin Garlic and Herbs, a Boursin Garlic and Herbs cream for cooking and Boursin Plant-Based, also marketed in France.


In addition, the Group is also developing cobranding. In France, the Daunat brand offers a salad with a Boursin sauce.

After more than half a century, Boursin® continues to seduce the taste buds of food lovers. The brand has also diversified into tasty variations to be enjoyed as an aperitif or in salads, not to mention the fact that associating this authentic cheese with cooking recipes promises the creation of delicious dishes. Let yourself be tempted!

Boursin around the world


The first cheese brand to advertise on French TV with a commercial in 1968, Boursin® is as well known today for its advertising campaigns as it is for its taste and packaging. The brand is closely associated with its legendary commercials, from its first TV spot, L’insomniaque, to the Du pain, du vin, du Boursin® commercial produced in the same language for France and international markets.

In 2022, Bel established a partnership with Jean-François Piège: the Michelin-starred chef, ambassador of the Boursin competition, invited restaurants to reinvent the burger through creative recipes with a touch of Boursin.

Brand committments

For its consumers and producers, Boursin® is committed to a responsible, humane and environmentally friendly approach.

Sustainable agriculture and quality ingredients  

Garlic: Bel, in partnership with its historical aromatics supplier, has recreated a garlic industry in France. Our garlic is grown in the south-west by a cooperative of 300 small fresh garlic producers.  

Milk : The milk used to make our Boursin® cheeses comes from farms located less than 200 km from our cheese factories in Pacy-sur-Eure and Sablé-sur-Sarthe where Boursin® cheese is made.
In 2019, 94% of our cows will enjoy free grazing.

Responsible packaging  

Our iconic packaging is 100% recyclable. 
We are committed to the Bel responsible packaging policy to achieve the following goals: 

  • 100% paper/cardboard certified 0 deforestation by 2020,
  • 100% packaging ready for recycling or biodegradable by 2025.

Promotion of a varied, gourmet and flexitarian diet

Les Taritnables: Boursin® is reinventing itself thanks to its new Spreads range combining the good taste of dairy products with the richness of vegetables, fish, spices and herbs to promote balanced diets.  

Cheese PucksBreaded cheese palets with real pieces of vegetables (22%) and seedseasy to enjoy in a salad meal or a buddha bowl. 

Plant-based cheese : The launch of Boursin® Dairy Free in North America for our flexitarian consumers.