COVID-19 Information: The Bel Group is mobilizing its teams around the world to be as close as possible to needs that are expressed on the ground locally

In the face of the unprecedented world pandemic that we’re confronted with, the Bel Group is today fully mobilized and engaged with its employees to contribute to ensuring continuity of the food chain and to set in place appropriate actions for those in need.

Ensuring the safety and health of our employees, an absolute priority of the Bel Group

Right from the start of the pandemic, Bel put in place very strict preventive measures on its sites that comply with the Group’s internal health and safety procedures, WHO recommendations and those of government authorities in the countries where the Group operates

During the confinement period, access to our sites were therefore restricted exclusively to employees performing functions that are critical to business continuity, and whose missions cannot be carried out remotely.

In all of its 32 production sites, the Group has reinforced its safety procedures and health rules.

We have in particular systematized temperature taking for all employees before entering the site, set up protective structures (e.g. plexiglass) and, at the peak of the crisis, asked all those employees who are vulnerable (people suffering from chronic illness, women who are pregnant, for example) to stay at home.

All of the employees in our production sites are equipped with protective masks.

The calendar for easing lockdown varies by country, in line with local governmental recommendations. As lockdown eases, the knowhow and key measures applied in our production sites (masks, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection, etc.) will be extended to employees upon completion of their teleworking period.

A telephone support hotline is also at the disposal of Bel employees in several countries (France, Italy, Greece, Canada) in case of need.


Working with our partners and addressing food needs together

As a major player in the food industry, the Group has the responsibility to do all it can to maintain its activities so that households can continue to find their products in stores. Food is an essential industry and a key sector in this context of the global crisis.

Bel is being particularly attentive to its partners and is supporting them to contribute, together, to the collective effort of keeping the food chain supplied. Bel has been engaged with its suppliers in the dairy sector for a long time now. The Group is doing everything in its power to continue to maintain its collection activities in all dairy regions.

In several countries, Bel is also setting up targeted offers for certain categories of suppliers so they can benefit from faster settlements on more favorable terms.


With our teams, staying mobilized and united

True to its values, the Bel Group is also engaging with those who are particularly exposed and affected by the crisis. Bel teams around the world have mobilized their energies to respond to crisis-related needs through financial assistance, donations of health and  hygiene products or equipment, for hospitals located near the group’s production sites or in favor of associations

On April 16, 2020, the Bel Group notably devoted one day’s production of The Laughing Cow — equivalent to 20 million portions – to donations (financial or in kind) for healthcare personnel and people most in need. This project mobilized 12 factories in 20 countries.

In France, where Bel’s global headquarters are located, the Group has also partnered with the “all locked down, all committed” platform to enable its employees during their working hours to engage in national emergency missions identified by the Government as part of the Civic Reserve or proposing skill-based contributions.