Kiri®, The mythic little square with the childhood taste

The first cheese crafted specifically for children, Kiri® holds a special place in the lives of budding gourmets. Kiri® is something discovered in childhood and often loved long afterwards.


Prior to 1966, nobody had thought about crafting a cheese specifically for a child’s pallet and lifestyle. But that was before Kiri® burst out of Bel’s plants in France’s Sarthe region to instant success. Practical and delicious, the little square servings of Kiri® found their way into school lunch bags and the hearts of French children and, soon, youngsters elsewhere. Kiri®’s mischievous commercials set a fresh and poetic tone for the brand.

Kiri ® today

The product line encompasses a wide range of varieties to satisfy the tastes and eating habits of Kiri® consumers around the globe. A few examples include Kiri Goûter®, which contains crispy breadsticks to dip into the cheese, and Greek Style that brings a touch of indulgence to the breakfast. Kiri® is popular in international markets. The Middle East, France and Japan accounts for the lion’s share of its sales. As tasty as ever, the cheese continues to win over young foodies without forgetting its adult fans, who rediscover in the brand a true taste of childhood.

Kiri ® in the world

Top 3
Fans of Kiri®
France, Saudi Arabia and Japan
production units around the world


Consumers everywhere like to eat Kiri® their way. In Japan, strawberry flavored Kiri® is popular among adults. In Lebanon, Kiri® is eaten in jars in the Labneh style and has a more savory taste. In the Middle East, Kiri® has a more buttery consistency, and is packaged in jars to make the cheese easier to spread at breakfast time.