KIRI® reveal the power of Kindness

Thanks to its unique taste, its smooth and creamy texture, Kiri® creates a cocoon of kindness for everyone. Today, more than ever, Kiri® wants to make the world a better place and at Bel, we believe that there is a secret power that can help us, it’s a very simple one, this power is KINDNESS!


Prior to 1966, nobody had thought about crafting a cheese specifically for a child’s pallet and lifestyle. But that was before Kiri® burst out of Bel’s plant in France’s Sarthe region to instant success.

Indulgent & convenient, the little square servings of Kiri® firstly found their way as the favorite cheese snack for French children and, soon, all around the world from a creamy breakfast in Saudi Arabia and cooking indulgent desserts for Ramadan, to a little pleasurable snack for a me-moment at the end of the day in Japan. So began the global story of Kiri.


Kiri ® today

The product line encompasses a wide range of varieties to satisfy the tastes and eating habits of Kiri® consumers around the world.

A few examples include Kiri Goûter®, a tray filled with good creamy kiri cheese and soft wheat sticks to fill up on calcium, Kiri new recipe (only made with dairy ingredients) and Greek Style (enriched in proteins) that brings a touch of Freshness to the breakfast.

Indeed, Kiri has a wide range of products to please everyone, to indulge for Breakfast, Snacking or even Cooking & Baking & that is why Kiri® is popular!


Kiri ® in the world

Top 3
Fans of Kiri®
France, Saudi Arabia and Japan
production units around the world


Consumers everywhere like to eat Kiri® their way. In the Middle-East, no Ramadan goes without Kiri to prepare delicious puff pastries or desserts. In Asia, strawberry flavored Kiri® is popular among adults.