Bel Group launches its Diversity & Inclusion charter

In 2022, Bel Group launched its Diversity & Inclusion charter. Through this charter, Bel is committed to proactively fighting all forms of discrimination and harassment and to promoting diversity and inclusion. What does it mean?


Recruiting, developing and promoting employees in a way that better reflects the diversity of the communities we work with and for.


Welcoming, respecting and valuing all employees in a work environment where everyone can be themselves, develop and express their full potential.

Bel is committed to proactively fighting all forms of discrimination and harassment and to promoting diversity and inclusion, particularly in the following areas:

Our commitments

The Bel group is committed to implementing the following actions:

1 Raise awareness and train our executives and managers involved in recruitment, training and career management, and then progressively all employees, on the challenges of non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion,

2 Guarantee non-discrimination and promote inclusion in all of Bel’s management and decision-making processes, and in particular in all stages of human resources management.

3 Encourage the representation of diversity in all its differences and richness, within the workforce and at all levels of responsibility.

4 Communicate our commitment to all our employees, as well as to our customers, partners and suppliers, in order to encourage them to respect and implement these principles.

5 Make the development and implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion policy a subject of dialogue with our stakeholders.

6 Regularly assess the progress made and inform internally of the practical results of implementing our commitments and action plans.

The Diversity & Inclusion charter across Bel


As part of their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program, Bel USA is committed to recruiting and hiring a more diverse workforce.

Workshops have been organized to teach recruiting managers how to:

  • Recruit and source candidates, including how to build a diverse candidate slate
  • Select the best candidate for the role and have effective discussions about diverse candidates
  • Prepare for the interview and test their unconscious biases
  • Manage one’s biases during the interview


On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day, more than 50 women employees from Bel Morocco attended a virtual roundtable discussion about Women Leadership.

Building one’s career path, finding a balance between private and professional life, asserting one’s place as a woman in the world of work… these are some of the topics that were addressed by Meryem Lahlou, Business Coach…Nadia, Aida and Khadija, members of Bel Maroc Codir, shared their experiences and brought an enlightening perspective on these always topical issues.


Since 2021, Bel Portugal has been working on promoting the recruitment and inclusion of employees with disabilities. With the support of Fundación Nortempo, the teams carried out an organizational study in Vale de Cambra plant and conducted recruitments of disabled employees. They also raised awareness on the topic, using posters with employees photos.


In 2021, employees from France & Suresnes Headquarters were sensibilized on how to adopt inclusive behaviours when interacting with peers with disabilities.

Among various activities and serious games, an interactive lecture on bias & stereotypes was proposed by Dr. Konstatinos Eleftheriadis, from Goods to know consulting. It was called “Stereotypes? Me? Never !”