Committed to a sustainable business model

Long-term view

Bel is an international, family Group with strong values and a growth strategy that takes the long-term view. From its corporate governance and its commercial and labor relations models, to its locally based operations, Bel favors sustainability, a source of trust and continuity. The Group’s drive for sustainable growth guides its strategic decision-making, to ensure that its business model is profitable in both the short and the long term.

Transferring a stronger and more sustainable company than the one entrusted to me to the next generation is my sole obsession.

Antoine Fiévet

Bel Group Chairman and CEO

A continuous improvement process

To that end, Bel’s business model incorporates continuous improvement initiatives to conserve natural resources, optimize nutritional value, increase product accessibility and encourage sustainable development within the dairy industry. Bel believes that the company can thrive over the long term only through a sustainable business model that ensures resource availability, remains the consumer’s preferred choice and improves business productivity.

A business model based on the Group’s capacity to forge close ties to its stakeholders. That’s why Bel encourages cooperation and sharing with its partners, and its dairy producers first and foremost.

Integrated organization

Social and environmental considerations are fully taken into account inside the Group’s organization.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a part of the Group’s core decision-making process, with the Human Resources, Communication and Sustainable Development Department represented on the company’s Executive Committee.

Bel’s CSR strategy is defined and coordinated by the CSR Department, which, in turn, is supported by a network of CSR leaders and experts in their fields, from all Group departments. CSR can thus be integrated into daily operations.

A structured and certified approach