Bel Foundation publishes its 2021 annual report

Bel Foundation is publishing its 2021 annual report: a good opportunity to zoom on the 28 projects supported, aimed at supporting thousands of vulnerable children in the world.

Bel Foundation in 2021

Since its creation, Bel Foundation takes action to help the most vulnerable children, for them to have access to quality food on a daily basis.


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School Canteens

School canteens play a key role in the fight against malnutrition by responding to children’s primary needs. In fact, school meals are sometimes the only real meal of the day for a great number of schoolchildren in the world. That is why for the past 3 years now, the Foundation supported the development of school canteens.

Our Collaborator’s Engagement

Since 2010, Bel Foundation has encouraged its collaborators to get involved, through the collaborators fund program. Each year, the program offers grants for teams to mobilize to improve the daily life of the most vulnerable children. The program offers a response to local associations in various situations.

As a consequence, the Foundation has seen the creation of incredible initiatives, supported by the continuous involvement of collaborators, whether they are in France, in Egypt, the United States of America, in Lebanon, or in Slovakia.

Bel Foundation for 14 years is: