R&D and engineering
Once a new product, a new process, new packaging, or a new manufacturing tool is in the works, it is the responsibility of Bel’s research, development and engineering teams to turn the idea into a finished product. The vast cheese-making knowhow and manufacturing expertise of these teams make such innovation possible.


Always in tune with Bel’s mission and growth strategy, research team members contribute their scientific and technical expertise in various fields, from sensory quality perception and new transformation process design, to mechanisms for preparing quality cheeses and packaging material properties. Bel research team works on medium and long-term projects to foster breakthrough innovations, one of the keys to Bel’s success.


The Development Department contributes its vast cheese-making knowhow to develop new formulas that correspond to local tastes, texture preferences and usage. The Laughing Cow® block requires a more compact texture and a spicy flavored recipe for the Mexican market, for example, while a cheddar version of Mini Babybel® whets appetites in the US. Development team members imagine and develop products that appeal to consumers around the globe.

The engineering teams coordinate new plant or new production line opening ensuring that the manufacturing facility is adapted to local conditions in terms of energy resource needs and access, and staff qualifications and training.

A recent innovation example

fromage_expertise Boursin® Apéritif

Which combines smoked ham with Boursin® cheese. This innovation represents nearly three years of work for the development and engineering teams, notably in terms of Boursin®‘s production process, quality assurance and packaging.