Manufacturing performance
Bel’s products are appreciated for their quality and taste, and the good-naturedness they convey. These moments of family sharing and fun result from Bel’s manufacturing excellence, which enables delightful and clever products to be made.

Unique manufacturing expertise

The cheese portion format is a strong Bel design, and this miniaturization process stems from unique manufacturing knowhow. Special manufacturing equipment is required to produce and package 6 grams of Apéricube®, a wedge of The Laughing Cow®, and Mini Babybel® cheese. Bel designs its own production chains and ensures the operation of all new production units around the world.


Bel’s manufacturing expertise makes product innovations possible. Whether it’s new packaging, miniaturization, new processes or new designs, the manufacturing teams know how to work the production machinery to make development projects a reality. This expertise serves Bel’s mission to make its products ever more accessible. Because its production means are managed to perfection, the Group can continuously improve on its processes. Bel finds solutions to reducing costs without altering quality by optimizing techniques and changing formulas. When the goal is to bring dairy goodness to the greatest number of people, this type of approach is essential.


Food safety is a prerequisite at Bel, which sets an optimal quality target for all cheese produced at its 30 manufacturing sites. All Bel production units exceed the mandatory food safety program known as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) by meeting the more stringent requirements of such international standards as ISO 22000 and ISO 9000. Furthermore, 16 of the Group’s sites are certified OHSAS 18001, the benchmark for occupational health and safety.
All Bel production sites are subject to the same requirements, which are notably addressed through employee training in hygiene, quality, safety, and specific industry challenges.

Environmental responsibility

Bel’s production units everywhere in the world have committed to a continuous improvement process to reduce their environmental footprint.

A process of ongoing improvement

Bel’s strong manufacturing performance is also a result of the Group’s ability to achieve continuous improvement at its plants. In following  ongoing optimization schemes, Bel has cultivated its own culture of manufacturing excellence, “The Bel Manufacturing Model”.

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