Bel and innovation
Bel innovates to renew the enjoyment of its products and to attract new consumers. It innovates to turn a need into a new product, offer new textures or new packaging, adapt a recipe to a new market or enhance a product’s nutritional value. Ingenuity is the true driver of growth at Bel.

Inventiveness, a quality 100% Bel

The examples are many. From the little individually wrapped cheese cubes designed for the cocktail hour, or the cheese safely ensconced in a delightful wax coating, to the breadstick snack that comes with a serving of cheese and, more recently, the smoked ham rolls stuffed with Boursin®, Bel continuously renews the enjoyment of its products by adding an extra dose of inventiveness and good-naturedness. Those qualities have certainly made The Laughing Cow® wedge, invented in 1921, a lasting success. At Bel, innovation comes in the form of new services to consumers, such as packaging that ensures faultless food safety or the right product size to avoid waste and to allow for on-the-go eating. These are the unique and innovative qualities that Bel products offer families around the world.


In the Middle East, Kiri® has been adapted to a traditional recipe called Labneh. In Algeria, Bel offers green olive The Laughing Cow® blocks for cooking. In the US, consumers can enjoy Boursin® spinach and artichoke spreadable cheese.
Eating habits, tastes and texture preferences vary everywhere in the world. Bel takes inspiration from this diversity to offer nutritious, enjoyable and fun cheeses to 400 million consumers on five continents.

Manufacturing skill, the unwavering champion of innovation

Beyond inventiveness, innovation arises from the Group’s powerful manufacturing expertise. Bel knows how to imagine new products, create new formulas and implement the new manufacturing processes to make them.
Innovation is a joint effort shared by the Group’s marketing and manufacturing teams, to move from idea to production. To offer consumers new sensory experiences, medium and long-term research, development and engineering projects are required.