What about you ? Do you prefer processed or pressed cheese,
Mini Babybel®, Leerdammer®, or ? Vote to see your foodie profile.

Your favorite Bel cheese

Like 24% of respondents,

the little cheese that’s 98% milk and can be eaten anywhere appeals to your taste buds… Juste like the Americans, who are Mini Babybel® leading fans.

Your favorite Bel cheese

Like 15 % of respondents,

you can’t resist Boursin®’s inimitable
Using a mix of unique flavors to create an intense taste, it’s the star of the cheese gourmets.

Your favorite Bel cheese

Like 22 % of respondents,

you think eating Kiri® is one of life’s small pleasures. That’s no surprise, since its creamy taste pleases young and old alike.

Your favorite Bel cheese

Like 13 % of respondents,

you chose Leerdammer®. There’s nothing surprising about that. With its hazelnut taste, the famous cheese with holes and a resolutely offbeat personality makes life lighter!

Your favorite Bel cheese

Like 26 % of respondents,

The Laughing Cow® is your favorite cheese. You are not alone. The Laughing Cow®, which is over 90 years old, is the world’s most popular processed cheese.

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