A unique taste and personality
Originating in the Netherlands, Leerdammer® is the second brand worldwide for sliced cheese (in volume terms). The famous cheese with holes has two great features, including an unmistakable hazelnut taste and a resolutely offbeat personality.


Leerdammer®’s story begins in Holland. In 1974, two Dutch cheese makers developed a new cheese with holes by combining Gouda and Emmental cheeses. From the start, Leerdammer® blended the best Dutch cheese traditions with a novel hazelnut taste that has won over European consumers.
In 2002, Leerdammer® joined the Bel family of brands. Innovation and fun became strong attributes of the brand, which was already as well known for its distinctive taste as for its offbeat commercials.


One of the first brands available in pre-packaged slices so ideal for sandwiches, golden rind Leerdammer® comes in many formats and flavors to satisfy current eating trends. These include cheese blocks and deli cuts for traditionalists, the strong tasting “Caractère” range for enthusiasts, diced and grated versions to enliven any dish, and slices notably to accompany raclette fans. Highly appreciated in France, Leerdammer® is also very popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


2nd brand worldwide for sliced cheese*
Leerdammer® is currently available in 27 countries in Europe.
N°1 cheese brand in Germany
Twelve kilograms, the weight of a Leerdammer® cheese wheel
4 production units around the world ( 3 in the Netherlands and 1 in France)
* in volume terms


Leerdammer® was almost called Schoonrewoerd, in honor of the village where it was first made. But faced with the obvious difficulties of pronouncing this typically Dutch name, its creators decided to name the cheese after the nearby city of Leerdam. Smart move. Leerdammer® travels easier, particularly for a cheese that from the outset was already looking to go well beyond the borders of its homeland.

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Say, “Limiano®” to a Portuguese person, and he will know exactly what you are talking about. Say, “Picon®” to a Lebanese national, and she can recite the brand’s slogan effortlessly. Bel’s international and local brands have won a special place in their consumers’ lives as well.