The Bel brand family at a glance
“Have you laughed today?”, “Leerdammer®, it's not as mild as you think”, and “Kiri, Kiri, Kiri!®” — Welcome to the Bel brand universe, where delightful and audacious brands have won over 400 million fans young and old alike, everywhere in the world. Discover their secrets.

A special place in the lives of consumers

Bel brands have a strong emotional connection to consumers. They often accompany people throughout their lives, like Kiri®, one of the first cheeses for children and a comforting treat for adults. The driving force behind our brands is their power to spring a surprise, elicit smiles and bring pleasure either through the products’ unique taste, their ingenuity or their advertisements.

The Sacred Laughing Cow®

On March 25, 2012, at the French Agricultural Trade Show, The Laughing Cow® launched its campaign for the French presidency as the leader of the “Laughing Party”. What a platform!


Mini Babybel® throws a mini-raclette party

Consumers also innovate, which is something Bel brands clearly understand. A Mini Babybel® raclette party? The Group shared this suggestion from a Belgian customer by launching a special mini-raclette offer that included brightly colored raclette dishes for melting the cheese.


Universal brands

Simple, accessible and heartwarming, Bel brands cut across borders and transcend generations. They adapt to the tastes and habits of everyone. The universality of the brands have made them market leaders and, in some cases, actual national icons.

Say « cheese »

Ask a Moroccan where The Laughing Cow® comes from and he will surely tell you, “Why? From here, of course.” As with many Bel brands, the brand known as La Vache Qui Rit® in France, Krowka Smieszka® in Poland or Gulen Inek® in Turkey is one that you might call an institution.


Foodies without borders

With its fresh and mild taste and mischievous commercials, Kiri® has been swiftly adopted by “short-pant foodies” in Europe, Africa, the US, and Asia. One small particularity is Kiri® strawberry, which has met with great success in Japan and South Korea.

Rust-free innovation

A pioneer in miniaturization and a cutting-edge marketer forever, Bel encourages creativity in its brand communication. Bel brands are immediately recognizable thanks to their packaging, advertising, smile-eliciting flavors and taste for innovation.

Marvelous little cubes

Starting in the 1960’s, Bel made processed cheese cubes the finger food of choice for the cocktail hour, supplanting traditional peanuts. Since then, the Apéricube® brand has continually innovated, first with new flavors and then with cultural questions written into its wrappers. Today, Apéricube® fans cast their vote annually for their favorite flavor of the year.


Offbeat commercials for cheese?!

Dismissing the old notion that cheese commercials aimed at adults should be serious and sober, Leerdammer® has been successfully breaking the rules for years..